My high school memories

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My high school memories

Postby Debbie King Robinson » April 30, 2005, 4:14 pm

Before we moved to Vernonia, I had attended ten different schools. My dad (DeWayne King) was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force. In a day-dreamy conversation with him, I said how great it would be to attend the same school for an entire high school experience. Shortly after that, my dad resigned his career, bought a little house in Vernonia, and moved our family of four to that little country town. That was the summer of 1968.

I was not used to making long-term friendships, so it took me a while to get the hang of it. My freshman year, I made friends with a girl named April Dseh, who later moved to Florida. I have lost touch with her. I also got to know Brenda & Bev Armstrong, Debbie Smith, and Martha Borglund. My sophomore year, I started hanging out with Sandi Stockwell, Glynis Ridling, Rick Holce, and MaryAnn Steele. I've also lost touch with all of these friends. (I said I wasn't very good at long-term friendships!)

Some strong memories from those years include:

An exciting basketball season and an amazing win at an away game with the basketball being pitched at the hoop from across the floor and rolling around the hoop a couple of times before finally dropping through;

Coming home from a football game and discovering that a popular police officer and been shot and killed just pulling someone over for a driving infraction. He was a good friend of the Steele's and a couple of guys gave us a ride home that night, so that we wouldn't have to walk home. That was a tough one.

Let's see! Driver's ed with Mr. Crowston - some scary rides! Working on the senior home-coming billboard at Jackie Odam's. Swimming in the river in front of the Curl's home. Walking the 7-mile loop on summer mornings. They were good years full of teenage pursuits and I have been happy that my own two teenagers have had similar experiences here.

Fall City is a small community like Vernonia (also on a river), but with easy access to city sophistication. Two farily big towns are just ten minutes away in opposite directions. And Seattle is just twenty minutes west of us on I-90.

My husband Craig owns his own business and has lived in the Seattle area all his life (ahhh, someone with roots!). I work as the office manager for the church we attend. Ian is our oldest and is graduating this June. Sean is 15 and itching to get his driving permit. We enjoy one another's company, but they are already disconnecting and it won't be long before Craig and I have more time on our hands. We hope to do a little traveling. We want to see more of the United States and possibly cross an ocean or two. But, I think that I had enough of traveling as a kid and that having a home and an extended family (long-term neighbors and friends) has really grown on me.

Those first roots started at 575 First Avenue right there in Vernonia.

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