Life in a nutshell? How about life as a nut!

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Life in a nutshell? How about life as a nut!

Postby Scott Cameron » March 12, 2005, 8:50 pm

:D I just found this site. COOL. Thanks Ronda for turning me on to it and thanks Kelly for taking the time to be the administrator.

Where to start. As Jerry Garcia said, "...what a long, strange trip it's been". After leaving Vernonia in 1978 I moved to the Beaverton area, worked several unsatisfying jobs, got married, had a daughter, got divorced, moved to California, found a career, got remarried and moved back to Vernonia. How's that for a life in a nutshell?

Things I enjoy are travel, music ( the GOOD 8) kind, not the stuff they play these days ), woodworking, my cat, movies, and spending time with my family.

Travel seems to be the bigest use of my free time. We went to Europe in '97 and liked it so much that we went back in '99. We spent several weeks wandering around the U.K. with a side trip to the Continent and just couldn't get enough. Wow, talk about history! We've also spent alot of time exploring our own country. At last count we've been to 35 states. Alas, those days are done as we decided to quit blowing our money on fun and settle down. Our next trip will be to Florida in December to see my daughter Hillary graduate from Florida State with a BS in nursing. Now she can finally start taking care of her father. BWAAHAAHAAHAAA, the worm has turned.

Reading the member's list reminded me of a few names that I had forgotten. Sigh, oh sweet bird of youth where hast thou flown?

Anyway, I hope to see most of you in July and don't be embarased to come up to me and say "Hi, remember me?" I've run into a few of you ex-loggers and I'm sorry to say that people seem to recognize me but I can't say the same about them. Must be the "Old Timer's disease".

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