3 decades in 1 paragraph

Where have you been? Where are you at? What are you doing?

3 decades in 1 paragraph

Postby Sue Garner » February 17, 2005, 9:45 pm

I've been married to John Warsinske for 22 years. We've lived in Philomath the last 13. I received both my bachelor's and master's degrees from what is now Western Oregon University in Monmouth. I have worked for Clackamas ESD, Western Oregon University, Pennsylvania Department of Education, and currently Linn Benton Lincoln ESD -- always in special ed. John is a computer guy and is currently the Chief Information Officer for Benton County. He has also served in the Army and continues as a reservist. We lived in Pennsylvania (where our children were born) and Arizona while he was on active duty. Since he became a "weekender" he's been deployed twice to combat areas. Bosnia in 1997 and Afghanistan in 2002. We have 2 daughters. Kenna is an International Studies major and Japanese minor at Portland State University. She loves art, politics, and her horse. Marza is a junior at Philomath High School. She is very involved with music, theater (serves on the state board), dance team, and Girl Scouts. We also have 2 spoiled pomeranians who are rapidly becoming senior citizens. Most of our recent years have been filled with chaperoning, carpooling, fundraising, and all the other necessities of raising children. Wouldn't have traded a minute, but we're looking forward to time to travel as a couple.
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Hey SUE!!

Postby Eileen Anderson Wood » June 16, 2005, 6:43 am

WOW.. its GREAT to hear about your life :) It sounds like you are doing wonderful!!

I always have missed our fun and silly times... those days just ended TOOO SOOON!! I totally LOVED being your adopted lil sis!

Eileen Anderson Wood
Eileen Anderson Wood
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Postby Brad Garner » October 26, 2005, 11:27 am

Hmmmmmmm - leave it to my sister to be so concise and to the point.

My life has been a little more boring - or not. I'm never too sure about that. Let's see if I can do it in less words.
1975 - Oregon - Texas - Illinois - Spain – England (Married - 1979) - Maryland - Guam - Maine - Diego Garcia - Maine - Missouri – Nebraska (Divorced 2000) - Oh yeah 2004 Oregon.
Somewhere in there came a son (1981) and a grand-daughter (1999).

I don’t remember much and that's my story.

brad (and yes it's a little "B")
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