Software Updated!!

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Software Updated!!

Postby Administrator » November 21, 2010, 2:30 pm

Hello Classmates!! If you've been here before... you'll notice that our FORMAT/LOOK has changed dramatically :shock:

As of November 21, 2010 we upgraded to a new software version. This is a work in progress... so you will be seeing many more changes in the coming weeks/months :roll: :lol:

Our OLD forum/format software had become so outdated... it was too much of a security risk running it. For now we are running the latest PHPBB format. In the very near future... we MIGHT upgrade/switch to the vBulletin system.

If you are having any PROBLEMS with our current system... PLEASE post a comment here or email me directly :arrow: :D

Thanks for your patience during this "upgrade" process :mrgreen:
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