2006 Class List (Registered Members: 2)

2006 Class List (Registered Members: 2)

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Class Motto
Nothing we do changes the past.
Everything we do changes the future.

Class Flower
Gerber Daisy

2006 Class List
Erik J. Aguilar
Janelle B. Bashaw
Mackenzie M. Bassett
Larinda P. Botchie
Laura R. Brookins
Bryan T. Budge
Rusty D. Campo, Jr.
Hypolite G.R. Champion
Daniel Y. Cicon
:rip: Charles F. Colburn-Wiggins
Kristin F. Cota
Scott R. Courtney
Blake A. Dicus
Cassandra M. Fogel
Timothy A. Hein
Heather B. Hennessey
John A. Howley
Michael W. Hyser
Kristin O. Kelly - Vice President
Nicholas J. King
Jonathan C. Kjintz
Kristina N. Lamping
Eric A. Lawhead
Dakota C. C. Lee
Russell M. Lende III
Lindsay N. Lennen - Student Body President
Kizzie M. Peirce
Alisha M. Puglisi
Adam J. Randall
Jacob D. Rice
Burdette M. Robb - Secretary/Treasurer
Katie A. Roberts
James E. Rode
Amanda M. Rogol - Class President
Benjamin W. Schorzman
Jessica L. Shaw
Keith W. Smith
Nicholas J. Sohler
Samuel G. Thornton
Nicholas D. Welch

(NOTE: "Class Lists" may contain not only classmates who graduated as VHS Seniors, but anyone who may have been part of a class anytime from K through 12!)
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