2001 Class List (Registered Members: 1)

2001 Class List (Registered Members: 1)

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2001 Class List

Erik Batalgia
Linda Becker
Christina Benes
Genevieve Blais
Elisabeth Brookins
Bonnie Buchan
Alishia Buffum
Bjorn Buss
Alexander Buxton
Gianluca Cescon
Melissa Devlaeminck
Meghan Dougherty
Phillip Elliott
Crystal Finley (Smith)
Shauna Flynn
Christopher Gambell
Myriam Gendron-Dupont
Jennifer Grady
Travis Graham
Wayland Graham
Bethany Green
Jacob Hartman
Jeramiah Haverland
Kayla Hennessey
Doublas Hillyer
April Iman
Kristofer Johansen
Hitomi Kimura
Hope Elligott
Anthony Morrow
Eric Patterson
Colin Plews
Abrah Pond
Pernille Rasmussen
Jason Roberts
Kelly Roberts
Daniel Ruby
Marilyn Schmidlin
Steffen Schultz
Tiffany Sexton
Jessica Soderback
Amy Spry
Blaine Vandehey
John Vaughn
Michael Webb
:rip: <a href="http://oregonremembers.com/directory/w/west_dylan.html">Dylan West</a>
Christopher Woodall

(NOTE: "Class Lists" may contain not only classmates who graduated as VHS Seniors, but also anyone who may have been part of a class anytime from K through 12!)
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