2009 Class List (Registered Members: 2)

2009 Class List (Registered Members: 2)

Postby Administrator » April 9, 2009, 10:55 am

David Allen
Kahli Anderson
Dallas Armstrong
Jesse Armstrong
Janda Barber
Kyle Brixey
Shelby Brookman
Eric Budge
Justin Caputo
Ashley Cavett
Alexandria Chadek
Gillian Cheney
Tyler Clines
Charles Colburn
Amber Eastlick
Cody Eaton
Celene Feijoo - Foreign Exchange
Joseph Fergusson
Danyell Freeman
Joseph Hales
Melissa Hermet - Foreign Exchange
Megan Hieronimus
Wes Kibben
Oliver Kocura - Foreign Exchange
Mathew Krause
Keli Krieger
Samantha Lee
Tricia Levenseller
Blake Moeller
Gia Nguyen - Foreign Exchange
Tara Ostrander
Damion Owen
Brittney Paden
Ashley Paleck
Kristi Pierce
Timothy Pillow - Foreign Exchange
Yelena Polyakova - Foreign Exchange
Tim Prpich
Caleb Rice
Katelynn Robb
Gavin Roberts
Travis Rosenstiel
Byron Schorzman
Holly Simpkins
Matias Singers - Foreign Exchange
Amanda Sliger
Cody Smith
Taylor Smith
Dalton Stevens
Josh Vanderzanden
Fabian Waldmann
Courtney Wiita
Cody Winningham
Nicholas Young
Rebekah Young

(NOTE: "Class Lists" may contain not only classmates who graduated as VHS Seniors, but also anyone who may have been part of a class anytime from K through 12!)
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