1994 Class List (Registered Members: 8)

1994 Class List (Registered Members: 8)

Postby Administrator » June 1, 2005, 12:33 pm

1994 Class List

Amy Abbott
Samantha Allen
:rip: Scott Baska
Carol Baughman
Asa Bjorkland
Jared Bradbury
Bill Busch
Bob Busch
Tandle Cox
Mary Crawford
Doug Dennis
Tracy Eckertson
Triesti Elliott (Knebel)
Jeni Ervin
Eli Everett
Angie Fetherston (Rhodes)
Dawn Fulmer (Stanfel)
Melissa Gonzales-Tautolo
Rob Gwinn
Bambi Hendershott
Jim Hinderman
David Jackson
Leah Keenon (Davies)
Bill Kinnersley
Janika Kneeland
Susan Krahn
Nana Kumanoto
Christel Leenders
Charles Linville
Daniel Meyer
Deanna Moullet
Brad McKedy
Brian Perry
Angel Ruvalcaba
Gloria Sanchiz
:rip: Ryan Seeberger
Jolene Shaw
Mandy Stevens
Daniel Todd
Sara Vandehey
Travis Williams
Trey Williamson
Lonnie Winkler
Steve Wolf
Matt Woodard

(NOTE: "Class Lists" may contain not only classmates who graduated as VHS Seniors, but also anyone who may have been part of a class anytime from K through 12!)
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Re: 1994 Class List (Registered Members: 8)

Postby chica_tautolo » November 28, 2011, 11:14 pm

So I didn't get to grad in Vernonia, I left in the middle of 8th grade but I spent alot of my elementary years on and off with most of you...Hope all are well! Oh, by the way - this is Melissa Gonzales.......
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